Middle Eastern 1-7 Day Global Forecast System (GFS) Forecasts
Note: 00Z is 3:00 am local Iraq time and 4:30 am Local Afgan Time
6 pm the day before CST eg. 00Z 02 Feb is 6 pm CST 01 Feb

Forecast Precipitation Forecast Weather and Precipitation Forecast Low Temperature Forecast High Temperature
Day 1 Forecast Precipitation Day 1 Forecast Weather and Precipitation Day 1 Forecast Low Temperature Day 1 Forecast High Temperature
Day 1 precipitation Day 1 weather day 1 minimum temperature day 1 maximum temperature
Day 2 Forecast Precipitation Day 2 Forecast Weather and Precipitation Day 2 Forecast Low Temperature Day 2 Forecast High Temperature
2day precipitation 2day weather day 2 minimum temperature day 2 maximum temperature
Day 3 Forecast Precipitation Day 3 Forecast Weather and Precipitation Day 3 Forecast Low Temperature Day 3 Forecast High Temperature
3day precipitation 3day weather day 3 minimum temperature day 3 maximum temperature
Day 4 Forecast Precipitation Day 4 Forecast Snow Depth Change Day 4 Forecast Low Temperature Day 4 Forecast High Temperature
4day precipitation 4day weather day 4 minimum temperature day 4 maximum temperature
Day 5 Forecast Precipitation Day 5 Forecast Weather and Precipitation Day 5 Forecast Low Temperature Day 5 Forecast High Temperature
5day precipitation 5day weather day 5 minimum temperature day 5 maximum temperature
Day 6 Forecast Precipitation Day 6 Forecast Weather and Precipitation Day 6 Forecast Low Temperature Day 6 Forecast High Temperature
6day precipitation 6day weather day 6 minimum temperature day 6 maximum temperature
Day 7 Forecast Precipitation Day 7 Forecast Weather and Precipitation Day 7 Forecast Low Temperature Day 7 Forecast High Temperature
7day precipitation 7day weather day 7 minimum temperature day 7 maximum temperature
One Week Forecast Precipitation
week precipitation
One Week Forecast High Temperature
7day High Temperature

Precipitation graphics presented here are derived from NCEP Global Forecast System (GFS) model output data. Data resolution is 0.375 degree (~37.5km) and the model initialization time is 00 GMT (4:30am Afghan time). Thus the daily precipitation forecasts correspond to the 4:30am-4:30am 24-hour period. Shown for each day are forecast precipitation (mm) and forecast Weather and Precipitation for the 24 hour period. Note that the left graphic is forecast precipitation, not rainfall.

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Last updated 04 Feb 2009